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About Born To Move Dance Studio...

With experience, dedication and creativity, the teachers at Born To Move Studio work to enhance their students ability, confidence and enjoyment of dance. Whether dancing is a hobby or a career objective, it is an inspiring way to express yourself both physically and mentally. Dance is a great sport that improves strength, flexibility, rhythm, timing and fitness - for girls, boys and all ages.

Our studio has been based in Hastings, NZ since 2003, and we aim to ensure your child receives the support that will enable their progression in dance, we have a team of great teachers with an assistant for each class.

Each year a large, successful and entertaining Studio Production is held. We work to provide our students with the opportunity to perform and develop many skills including stage craft, team work, performance ability and personality, whilst continuing to develop strong technique... It is a memorable experience for all the students and families.

Classes we offer...


Jazz is one of the most popular dance styles and is featured on TV shows, movies, music videos and commercials. Jazz dance is energetic and fun, consisting of strong technique, style, fancy footwork, leaps, turns and more. Jazz is a good base to support other forms of dance.              

Age - 4 years upwards.


* TAP 

Tap dancing requires using your feet like instruments to create rhythmic patterns and beats. We recommend that our students take a jazz class alongside tap.  

Age - 6 years upwards.



Contemporary is a style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres, including modern, jazz, lyrical and ballet. Contemporary dancers strive to connect the mind and the body through dance movements.                                                                

Age - 11 years upwards (with previous experience in jazz or ballet).



Musical Theatre is a class that combines dance, song, acting and movement. Students communicate the story, emotional content and style of songs through dance and acting.

Age - 8 years upwards.



Acro combines the technique of dance with acrobatic elements. It is a challenging style that requires students to train in both dance and acrobatic skills. Students must be taking a jazz or contemporary class in conjunction with this dance form and will be assessed before being placed in the class.

Age - 9 years upwards.



Hip-Hop takes different elements from street dance, funk and commercial dance. It is a psychical and funky style of dance focused on style.                                                    

Age - 11 years upwards.



A music and movement class for the little ones. A fun introduction to music, dance and rhythm.

Age - 3 & 4 years.  



A conditioning class designed to improve and enhance flexibility, fitness and strength.            

Age - 12 years upwards.        



A class for those who enjoy music and movement and a way to exercise for fitness and fun. Remember it's never too late to dance!  NOTE:  Class currently not being held in 2016, will commence in 2017.



Private tuition with student and teacher to prepare for competitive dance. Students must be confident, motivated, high achieving and passionate about their dancing. A good level of flexibility, strength and fitness is required.                                    

Age - 5 years upwards.

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